China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference Opens in Wuhan

Industrials Author: Fuller Wang Nov 23, 2020 11:45 AM (GMT+8)

China has completed over 1,100 5G and industrial Internet projects, built over 700,000 5G base stations and 180 million terminals.


On November 20, China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference Opens in Wuhan. The conference aims to show China’s innovative achievements in 5G, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, smart city and big data areas. It is the first national-level conference that focuses on the integration of the 5G technology and industrial Internet.

According to data from the conference, China has completed over 1,100 projects that focus on implementing 5G and the industrial internet, especially in aviation, steel, mining, and port sectors, since 5G technology was put into commercial use in June 2019. China has built over 700,000 5G base stations and over 180 million terminals, about twice the amount in the rest of the world. 5G base stations cover all the prefecture-level cities in China now. In the conference, participated companies exhibit the latest applications of 5G, such as 5G robots, intelligent mining, and machinery ultra-remote-control. China's rapid 5G development has created a powerful infrastructure for better use of the industrial Internet.

The conference also points out a clear direction for the future development of 5G and industrial Internet, which is supporting leading enterprises and creating more application scenarios, such as '5G + smart port' and '5G + digital factory.' The combination of 5G and the industrial Internet will help build a digital China and accelerate the process of China's new industrialization.