15 Chinese Companies to Watch in July 2022 – New Consumption

Consumer Discretionary Author: Jiawei Wu Editor: Luke Sheehan Aug 01, 2022 09:37 AM (GMT+8)

Editor's note: We at EqualOcean tracked the major funding rounds or industry events that took place in China's new consumption space for the month of July. The following is a list of deals that we have selected for you, based on a number of criteria including the funding amount, the financial backers and the segments in which the companies operate.



On July 13, MINISO (Chinese: 名创优品, 9896:HK) went public for the second time in Hong Kong, and completinged its IPO funding round of USD 72.72 million. Founded in 2016, MINISO is a lifestyle store that attracts numerous young people. It aims to help more people to enjoy their life lives  withlives with quality products and services.


Bolex (Chinese: 宝立客滋, 603170:SH) successfully raised CNY 402 million from its IPO in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 15. The firm is well known in the compound seasoning industry and continues to introduce international classic flavors to the Chinese market, as well as to develop new products to satisfy the needs of consumers. 


EPET (Chinese: 易宠科技), a firm devoted to providing omni-channel management services for pet brands, bagged CNY 400 million from investor ringpu (Chinese: 瑞普生物) in Strategic investment in mid Julymid-July. Founded in 2008, EPET has been involved in the pet industry for more than 10 years, with the goal of creating a quality pet care platform where every family can enjoy EPET's products and services. 


MANDU (Chinese: 蔓珠), a brand that focuses on the production of detergent products, closed its Strategic investment worth CNY 100 million from copartner (Chinese: 合伙人) on July 11. MANDU was founded in 2018, aiming to create a better life through the concept of nature and the pursuit of user-friendly design.

Beauty Diary

Beauty Diary (Chinese: 变美日记), a company that provides operational service solutions for light medical device brands, received USD 10 million in a Series A funding round recently. The investment was led by GSR Ventures (Chinese: 金沙江创投), followed by Inkeverse Group Limited(Chinese: 映宇宙集团) and Chengyu Bajing Culture Industry Investment (Chinese: 成渝百景文化产业投资), with additional investment from its old shareholders Ceyuan Ventures(Chinese: 策源创投) and Qifeng Capital (Chinese: 启峰资本).  This round of financing will be used for the construction of the brand DTC ecological platform, the incubation of explosive products in the industry,and the strengthening of digital intelligence operations. 

Fresh Craftbeer

Fresh Craftbeer (Chinese: 鲸都鲜酿), a craft beer brand, closed its Strategic investment worth CNY 50 million on the 18th of July. The investment was led by Caizhizhai (Chinese: 采芝斋).  The firm is dedicated to the building a new retail style of craft fresh beer with the concept of “near-dispensing and near-selling” and focusesing on cost-effective customer acquisition.


OWNEWTIM (Chinese: 澳牛町) completed a Series A round of funding for CNY 30 million several days ago. The investment was backed by Fuhong Investment(Chinese: 富鸿投资). OWNEWTIM is a dairy store that insists on "freshness and health" and specializes in fresh dairy products, yogurt products, desserts, and so forth.


The acquisition of Chinese campus life service platform IM COMING (Chinese: 俺来也) by Shanshan Investment (Chinese: 杉杉投资), individual investors, Frost & Sullivan Capital, and Lianchuang Capital (Chinese: 连创资本) for CNY 20 million was completed on July 11. Founded in 2014, IM COMNIG is a leading campus technology company in China, with four major business segments: Campus Cloud Ordering, Content & Social, Campus Media, and Campus Integrated Services.

Bio everyday

Bio everyday (Chinese: 每日的菌) announced the completion of a Series A funding round worth CNY 20 million in early July. The investment was led by Jolmo[sl1]  (Chinese: 金雨茂物), a fund focusing on medicine and health, followed by Innolink Fund[sl2] (Chinese: 连界启辰) and Lanshang Capital (Chinese: 兰尚资本), and held by old shareholder Linge Venture Capital (Chinese: 麟阁创投). This round of financing will be mainly used for production capacity upgradinge, brand digitalization, product R&D innovation and strain microbial technology development.

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Kamal Yoga 

Kamal Yoga (Chinese: 卡摩瑜伽) secureds CNY 30 million in an Angel funding round during the month of July, with the investment from Zhen Fund (Chinese: 真格基金), Blue Elephant capital (Chinese: 蓝象资本), 01VC (Chinese: 零一创投). Besides, the company announced that this round of financing will be used for building an integrated online and offline content and customer acquisition system, strengthening penetration in Beijing, and expanding to the national market. Founded in 2013, Kamal Yoga aims to provide urbanites with an aesthetic service that unites mind, body, and soul in a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle.

Bunny too

Bunny too (Chinese: 两只兔), a maternal and infant technology aesthetics brand, completed a Series A funding round for CNY 20 million backed by Baojiehui Innovation Fund (Chinese: 宝捷会创新基金) and Crystal Stream n(Chinese: 清流资本) on July 6. Founded in 2019, Bunny too is a brand that targets consumers living in the first- and second-tier cities, who are parents pursuing technology and consumption upgrade. Its customer unit price is over CNY 2,000. 

FurFur Land

FurFur Land (Chinese: 毛星球), an emerging domestic pet brand, received CNY 20 million in a Pre-Series A funding round. It was exclusively invested by Nice Group (Chinese: 纳爱斯集团) in early July. This round of financing will be used for the following aspects: first, to comprehensively upgrade brand image; second, to cooperate with the supply chain to accelerate the development and production of new products; third, to optimize the omnichannel operation strategy and improve the synergy of the overall team.


FOODVIO (Chinese: 花花食界), a provider of prepared Western food, bagged CNY 20 million in an Angel funding round from investors including NEEO Fund (Chinese: 泥藕资本), Shengyi Investment (Chinese: 晟怡投资), Shanghai Tongchen (Chinese: 上海铜程) on July 19. This round of financing will be used mainly for product development, team building and business expansion. Founded in 2021, FOODVIO is the first company in China to position itself as a Western-style prepared food provider in a time of high growth in the Chinese prepared food market. With the differentiated route to create its own characteristics, it has found an exclusive position in the track. 


UNIONE (Chinese: 一块小宇宙), a Chinese coffee technology company, officially announced the completion of an Angel funding round and an Angel+ funding round of CNY 20 million on July 5 from investors BlueRun Ventures (Chinese: 蓝驰创投)and Redpoint Ventures(Chinese: 红点创投). Founded in 2020, UNIONE is one of the few new consumer brands with strong R&D capabilities in food technology. 


JIDONG (Chinese: 悸动烧仙草) is a new tea beverage brand supplier in China. In late July it raised more than ten million of USD in an Angel funding round. Founded in 2007 in Shanghai, it is dedicated to providing consumers with popular tea beverage products and services, with products focusing on burnt sienna as the core beverage and dessert.