Automotive Dec 11, 2020 01:50 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the shareholders of Shanghai lantu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai lantu), the main operating company of tuhu vehicle maintenance, has changed. Shanghai Xirang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai xirang) has become the only shareholder of Shanghai lantu, holding 100% of its equity. This change does not involve external shareholders. After the completion of the change, the vie structure of tuhu vehicle has been changed. In response to this, tuhu car maintenance said that the main reason for the restructuring is the company's development needs, and the company has no clear listing plan at present. The legal representative of Shanghai xibian is Chen Min, founder and CEO of tuhu yangche, and Hu Xiaodong, the co-founder and President of tuhu yangche, is the other main person in charge of the company.
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