Real Estate Feb 09, 2021 08:01 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On February 6, 2021, the Guoqi team and Guangdong Shuncheng group completed the round a financing of Guoqi in Foshan. Guangdong Shuncheng group led the investment of RMB 20 million and three natural persons followed the investment. Jiuxuan capital acted as the financial consultant in this round of financing. The direction and idea of Guoqi coincide with the idea that Guangdong Shuncheng group has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of living and environment. Liang rongqun, director of Guangdong Shuncheng group, said that Guoqi's practice and achievements in the field of Rural Revitalization and tourism and vacation in the past three years have achieved good benefits, showing the forward-looking thinking and excellent execution of the team. He is very optimistic about the huge rural dividends that Guoqi can leverage to promote the upgrading of China's assembly industry and even the material revolution under the general trend of Rural Revitalization. Although the sudden epidemic in 2020 has brought a certain impact on the whole environment, the new development opportunities brought by the epidemic should be grasped. Mr. Liang showed great confidence in the future development of Guoqi. Guoqi is a brand focusing on eco-tourism. Guoqi cooperated with the National Center of Tongji University to establish the Institute of sojourn housing, which promotes the technology, cross-border integration and industrial innovation of China's prefabricated construction industry from the perspective of tourism and sojourn, and is jointly committed to the sustainable development of all things and the rejuvenation of rural areas. Guoqi has positioned itself as an indispensable supporting complex in the beautiful nature. Through local assistance services, platform services and smart building services, we can enable the linkage of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, increase local traffic, create a beautiful place, and also benefit from a beautiful place.