Real Estate Dec 02, 2020 09:44 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the real estate enterprise field group, which is famous for its smart living, has released its first OTA intelligent community in Beijing, which has achieved three major upgrades compared with the current smart community. The on-site OTA intelligent community is equipped with sls2.0, a super "community brain" independently developed by the field group. It truly realizes the interconnection of everything and the dialogue between things, so that all kinds of intelligent hardware, software, algorithms and services of communities and families can be continuously upgraded and updated through Ota. As one of the earliest practitioners of smart living in China, the field group has been gradually laying out the construction of smart community in the community for many years. As early as 2018, the field group put forward the strategic idea of building a smart life system (SLS), and then set up a technology Engineering Institute with a team of 100 people to build this system. In September 2019, the SLS took shape and went online for the first version. At present, SLS has been iterated to version 2.0, and the first OTA intelligent community is also well established! Compared with the traditional community and the current "smart community", OTA smart community has achieved three major upgrades. One is from static community to continuously upgraded dynamic community. The second is the cross scene convergence from isolated single product experience to object dialogue. The third is from the simple solidification of primary intelligence to the independent evolution of advanced intelligence.