Industrials, Automotive Apr 12, 2021 10:33 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile, April 12 - recently, Jingdong Logistics and QUANDAO technology have reached a cooperation. The two sides will work together to innovate the data application of high-precision map in the field of terminal unmanned distribution, and jointly promote the normal operation and security of unmanned distribution business in Changshu and even more regions in China. In this cooperation, QUANDAO technology will provide JD logistics with a full stack solution in the application field of L4 high-precision map data, which is the first large-scale application of L4 point cloud data in the domestic market, and will also verify the commercialization and large-scale popularization of terminal unmanned distribution. In response to the special attributes and requirements of JD's unmanned distribution vehicles, QUANDAO technology has carried out comprehensive customization in L4 point cloud elements and specifications, and provided customized map solutions suitable for urban roads, non motorized lanes and semi closed parks. Through its advantages in data quality, production efficiency, operation specification and scalability, QUANDAO technology is fully assisting JD's logistics Platform construction and security guarantee of unmanned distribution. QUANDAO technology, as a new data supplier in the automatic driving industry, pioneered the "high-precision map industry consulting service". At present, it has obtained the "grade a" qualification for navigation electronic map production, and is also the first automatic driving map and surveying and mapping technology innovation company in Hebei Province.