Industrials Jun 16, 2022 08:36 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Ding Yun, President of BG, a Huawei enterprise, emphasized the digital transformation era and Huawei's response in his keynote speech "grow together, win-win future": the digital transformation era is also an era of great opportunities, but Huawei is not an opportunist and insists on "doing something and not doing something". Ding Yun stressed that only by "not doing something" can we better "do something" and do well "not doing something" can we have a broader stage and space. To this end, Huawei will continue to be integrated and give full play to its partners' advantages in trading and customer service; At the same time, we will strengthen the opening of product capabilities and better integrate them. Even if a small amount of integration is done in some specific industries, it is also for long-term integration. Ding Yun pointed out that this year Huawei's Chinese government and enterprise business will support enabling partners through research, marketing, sales, service and other aspects to expand a larger commercial market. At the level of R & D, create "marketable" products and "small and beautiful" solutions, which are easy to use, efficient and fast to meet customer needs; At the marketing level, Huawei has fully opened up its marketing capabilities, enabling partners, launching partners and supporting partners; At the sales level, build a full process independent trading platform for partners to make the business in the commercial market "better and better"; At the service level, build a digital collaborative service system and empower partners from six dimensions to supplement the "last mile" of services. In addition, a positive business cycle of "capability → contribution → return" will be established to encourage partners to improve their professional capabilities, and create tools and equipment to support partners' efficient operations, so that partners can better carry out business. It aims to create new value for customers by growing hand in hand with partners.