Consumer Staples Mar 11, 2022 06:29 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Qianjing garden announced that huiquanfu and Yang Jing, the controlling shareholders and actual controllers of the company, signed the conditional effective share transfer agreement and voting right entrustment agreement with Hainan tourism investment, which agreed that huiquanfu and Yang Jing would transfer 16.85% of the company's shares held by them to Hainan tourism investment at the price of 5.36 yuan / share, Meanwhile, huiquanfu entrusted the voting rights of the remaining 11.06% shares to Hainan tourism investment. After the transfer of the above agreement and the entrustment of voting rights are completed, Hainan travel investment will be the largest shareholder of the company and hold 27.90% of the voting rights of the company in total. Hainan travel investment will realize the control of the company, the controlling shareholders of the company will be changed from Hui Quanfu and Yang Jing to Hainan travel investment, and the actual controllers will be Hui Quanfu Yang Jing was changed to Hainan state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission ("Hainan SASAC").
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