Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate May 25, 2022 04:59 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On the afternoon of the 24th, Harbin housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau organized Hengda special classes in all districts, the municipal assets and Planning Bureau and the municipal real estate registration center to hold a working meeting on dealing with the risk of overdue delivery of Hengda Real estate projects, and deployed the online signing and filing of commercial housing sales contracts of Hengda projects and handling real estate registration. Special classes in each district sorted out and summarized the problems of sold but not online signed and unable to handle the property right certificate of Evergrande projects in their territory, and communicated with Evergrande on how to solve the problems of online signed filing and certificate handling. The Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development proposed that solving the problems of online signature filing and certificate handling of Evergrande project involves the vital interests of the people. All districts and departments should further improve their positions, take the initiative, strengthen their work, find out the bottom line, and formulate practical solutions and paths. According to the requirements of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, the special classes in each district should complete the online signing and filing work before May 31, and immediately start the countersignature procedure of historical property rights of Evergrande projects in each district after the meeting. At the same time, they should formulate an emergency plan for letters and visits to maintain stability, form a perfect working network of information early warning, on-site disposal, personnel persuasion and landing stability control, and timely find and effectively dispose of emerging, early warning and action information.