Automotive May 27, 2022 11:58 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On May 26, huangrunqiu, Minister of the Ministry of ecological environment, presided over the first meeting of the leading group of the Ministry of ecological environment to promote major projects in the 14th five year plan, arranged and deployed key tasks in 2022, and accelerated the implementation of major projects in the field of ecological environment. The meeting stressed that in the face of stabilizing the overall economic situation, we should promote the implementation of major projects with a stronger sense of urgency and high quality. As for major projects led by the Ministry of ecological environment, it is necessary to accurately grasp the nature, characteristics and key contents, and make precise efforts. For projects in the early planning stage, it is necessary to conduct in-depth detailed scheme comparison and feasibility study, actively coordinate and implement fund guarantee, and accelerate the early work of the project. For the projects that have been decomposed and implemented into specific construction projects, the project preparation time, commencement time and construction cycle shall be defined, the time nodes shall be arranged backward, orderly progress shall be made, and regular scheduling shall be done.
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