Jun 22, 2022 10:34 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
State Councilor and foreign minister Wangyi met with the new Indian Ambassador to China luoguodong. Wangyi expressed that China and India are two ancient oriental civilizations, two emerging developing countries and two neighboring countries. China India relations have attracted worldwide attention and the attention of the two peoples. It is related to the well-being of the 2.8 billion people of the two countries and whether the world can truly achieve justice, equality and harmony. The common interests between China and India far outweigh their differences. The two sides should focus on the overall situation, make mutual achievements rather than consume each other, strengthen cooperation rather than mutual prevention, and enhance trust rather than mutual suspicion. Wangyi said that the two sides should walk in the same direction, promote China India relations to maintain a warming momentum, return to the track of stable and healthy development at an early date, work together to address various global challenges, and safeguard the common interests of China and India and the vast number of developing countries. Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng recently publicly expressed his disapproval of the "Eurocentrism" and his hope that external forces will not interfere in China India relations, which reflects India's tradition of independence. Wangyi put forward four "insistences" on China India Relations: first, adhere to the important strategic consensus of the leaders of the two countries that "China and India are not competitors, but partners, and do not pose a threat to each other and are mutual development opportunities"; Second, we should place the border issue at an appropriate position in bilateral relations and seek solutions through dialogue and consultation; Third, continue to inject positive energy into bilateral relations, give full play to the traditional advantages of people to people and cultural exchanges, and constantly expand mutually beneficial cooperation; Fourth, we will continue to expand multilateral cooperation, work together to revitalize Eastern civilization, jointly cope with the complex world, and create a better future for mankind.
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