Yimidida Secured Its Series D Funding of USD 264 Million
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Jan 14, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - According to, Yimidida (壹米滴答),  focusing on provides cost-effective logisitics with products and services, have announced its Series D Funding of USD 264 Million today. This series of funding is led by Boyu Capital (博裕资本), followed by Houpu Investment (厚朴基金), Hidden Hill Capital (普洛斯隐山资本), Source Code Capital (源码资本). Huaxing Capital(华兴资本) is the financial advisor. Yimidida was valued at USD 1.06 Billion after this round financing. 

Yimidida claimed officially that this round of financing will be used on customer aquisition, core unit operation (the station or the routes of logistics)and the underlying technology like the automation engineering equipment and logistics lifecycle management. Yimidida hence can further develop its intelligent logisitics system, and its customers could receive better service. 

Founded in 2015, Yimidida is a logistics platform enterprise that provides crowdsourced logistics services for the big cities, small counties and villages in China. That is to say, Yimidida is breaking the old rule of logistics, and is connecting the local logistics company and crowdsourcing for the last mile.

If you want to deliver goods in China, there are mainly three delivery methods: the express delivery services, full truckload shipping (FTL) and less than truckload shipping (LTL).

There are big differences between the express delivery services and truckload shipping. First, there exists the different properties of delivering goods. The express delivery services is to deliver goods that is less than 30 kilograms, whilst the truckload delivery is for the goods that is heavy than 30 kilograms but less than 500 kilograms. The biggest difference is that the delivery man is able to carry the express delivery goods by himself, whilst people can only delivery the truckload shipping goods to the shipping address with the help of tools and machines.

Second, the commercial focus point is different. The express delivery services focuses on the services, as the customers pay more for fast and safe delivery services. The traditional truckload shipping is to provide cheap and safe shipping whilst it normally doesn't shipping to the delivery address directly, and its customers have to pick up the shipping goods by themselves.

In the truckload shipping, FTL shipping only provide full truck cargo delivery, whilst LTL shipping crowdsources the cargos that weighs less than one truck and deliver the cargos together. FTL shipping provides more direct, simple and cheaper services, whilst LTL shipping have the process of collecting the cargos which may takes longer time and more expensive shipping fee.

Yimidida focuses on LTL shipping and empowers it with IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence. Yimidida's platform "The Galaxy System" consolidates the industry and provides its customers with cost effective and personalized services, and this round of financing shows the confidence from the capital.

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