The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan Fuels HUITONGDA's Rise

Industrials Author: Yangni Liu Oct 26, 2020 10:21 PM (GMT+8)

Huitongda is a rural e-commerce company that is steadily making a solid impression in China's huge hinterland.

Dropshipping. Image Credit:Unsplash

China is entering a 'high-quality' development stage. On the way from relying on investment booms and demographic advantages to promoting more creative forms of growth, rural development is crucial. This priority is being expressed at the highest levels.

The 19th CPC Central Committee’s fifth meeting is to be held in Beijing from October 26th to October 29th. The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan is one of the essential topics, outlining a blueprint for China’s next five years of development. Specifically, this Five-Year Plan will focus on urban-rural development and expanding access to public services.

As part of the background to the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, e-commerce company Huitongda is already actively promoting rural development and digital transformation. Home appliances, supply chain services and other necessities are the specialties of the Nanjing-based company. As consumers in the rural market are so scattered, Huitongda's digital service platform aims to shorten the intermediate links among upstream and downstream industrial chains, increasing each node's efficiency.

Apart from promoting interconnectedness, Huitongda also helps rural enterprises to do sales promotion. For instance, the number of online interactive people was over 2500 in a Shandong province’s home appliance store, promoting a sales volume of CNY 0.5 million. Huitongda has already covered 19,000 towns so far, and it is expected it will attract more firms to join the platform following the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan.