JD Logistics Lands on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Industrials Author: EqualOcean News, Qasim khan Editor: Luke Sheehan May 28, 2021 02:59 PM (GMT+8)

As of now, the company's stock price is HKD 41.7 with a market value of HKD 274.4 billion.

JD Logistics Takes Pitches from Banks for Planned

The opening price was HKD 46.05 and went as high as HKD 47.35 with the highest increase of over 18%. 

The raised funds will focus on the layout of the integrated supply chain, including upgrading and expanding the six logistics networks, developing advanced technologies related to supply chain solutions and logistics services, expansion of integrated solutions and improvement of supply chain efficiency and user experience etc.

Yu Rui, CEO of JD Logistics, said, "In the future, we hope to use a technology-driven integrated supply chain to maximize the development of the real economy and emerging industries, continue to provide users with high-quality service experience and work with partners to reduce social logistics costs and promote business."

As of 2020, JD Logistics' revenue from external customers had reached 46.6%, serving more than 190,000 corporate customers, and targeting differentiated needs in multiple industries such as FMCG, clothing, home appliances, furniture, automobiles, and fresh food.