Consumer Discretionary Author: Yifan Zhang Editor: Yijuan Li May 11, 2022 09:48 AM (GMT+8)

The company finds homegrown brands crucial to expanding the overseas market

Smart home

China’s intelligent household appliances company Geek Technology (Chinese: 极咖科技) has closed its Series A funding round worth tens of millions of USD led by NBT Capital. 

Challenjers Capital (Chinese: 挑战者资本) also poured money into the deal. Huanya Capital (Chinese: 寰亚资本) served as the exclusive financial consultant. 

Half of the proceeds will be used for product R&D, online operation and marketing, and team expansion, and another 50% will be saved as fluid capital.

Founded in 2016, Geek Technology owns two brands. The company acquired EmersonQuietKool, an American air conditioner firm with more than 70 years of history, and established its own brand Geek focusing on electric kitchen appliances and other small, smart home products.

 Geek Technology aims to open the foreign market by acquiring the local brand, while its own products under the brand Geek target young consumers from 25 to 35 with demands for intelligent services.

 Currently, the company has a global team of around 100 employees, serving international clients mainly from America, Canada, Australia, and India.