Marine Power Battery Company AYK Energy Completes More than 10 Mn A+ Round Financing

Industrials Author: Yunfeng Zhang Sep 08, 2023 04:47 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that AYK Energy (Chinese: 安易控科技), an international high-performance and high-security marine power battery integrator, has closed tens of millions of CNY A+ round of financing.

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Headquartered in Shenzhen, AYK Energy is a marine power battery integrator focused on providing high-security key power systems for marine engineering, marine transportation and marine ranching. Marine engineering mainly includes drilling platforms, wind power generation platforms, hinterland ports/artificial islands, etc., while marine transportation mainly includes shipping vessels, and marine ranching includes fishery farming.

According to the IMO's Early Warning, global carbon emissions from shipping are expected to increase by 150% to 250% by 2050, and shipping's share of total global anthropogenic emissions is expected to increase from 3% to 18% in 2020, if emission control measures are not implemented in the shipping industry in time.

With more than 90% of the world's international trade moving by sea, shipping is the second largest carbon emitter after automobiles. Electrification is an important way to decarbonize shipping. Electrification of ships not only reduces CO2 emissions from shipping, but also reduces pollution from oil spills. Based on data from Clarksons, DNV and others, AYK Energy predicts that the market for marine batteries could exceed USD 8 billion by 2030.

AYK Energy's products have various advantages, mainly reflecting high safety, high energy density, high cost-effectiveness and long service life. AYK Energy's products are priced 20%-30% lower than overseas competitors, with energy density 10%-20% higher than competitors, high degree of system integration, low maintenance cost and long service life, which can greatly improve customers' investment returns and promote the electrification transformation of potential inventory markets. AYK Energy's high system integration, low maintenance cost, and long service life can greatly improve customers' investment returns and promote the electrification of potential markets.

In addition, AYK Energy's strong delivery capability and shortened product delivery cycle by nearly half compared to overseas competitors, as well as its efficient and fast customer response and service, have enabled AYK Energy to have very good customer viscosity in the market. In terms of battery cell system, AYK Energy promotes China's lithium iron phosphate cells to large electric ship application companies, which is more cost-effective than the mainstream ternary battery system in Europe and the United States.

A comprehensive supply chain system is an important reason for AYK Energy's continuous cost reduction. AYK Energy has entered into cooperation with domestic head battery cell manufacturers to ensure the supply of high-quality battery cells.In early July 2023, AYK Energy's Zhuhai factory started full production, which has further reduced the comprehensive cost of products after excluding outsourcing costs. The automated production line has an annual capacity of 300MWh, which can be expanded to GWh to meet the rapid development of the marine electrification market. The automated production line can further ensure product quality control and provide customers with higher quality and lower price products.

The investor of this round of financing is Shenzhen High-tech Investment (Chinese: 深圳高新投), and the funds will be used to rapidly expand the market and replenish the company's cash flow, and improve the supply chain delivery capability.