Shougang Group Releases 2022 Annual Sustainability Report

Industrials Author: Di Chen Sep 18, 2023 10:58 PM (GMT+8)

On September 12th, Shougang released "2022 Annual Sustainability Report for Beijing Shougang Corporation Limited." This report provides a comprehensive overview of Shougang's management, initiatives, and achievements in social responsibility, environmental protection, and corporate governance for the year 2022, focusing on four key aspects: governance foundation, environmental leadership, promoting a better society, and fulfilling their mission.


In terms of corporate governance, Shougang has identified 31 ESG-related issues with high relevance and prioritized their importance and priority. They have confirmed 21 high-substantiality ESG issues. At the same time, Shougang has established a compliance management system centered around fundamental management regulations, supported by special management methods and guidelines in key areas. This has resulted in a 100% compliance rate for system and contract legal review.

In terms of sustainable development, Shougang has achieved various milestones, including obtaining ISO14001 environmental management system certification with a 100% certification rate. The company has also achieved a 100% coverage rate for environmental training, a 100% compliance rate for pollutant emission standards, and a 100% simultaneous operation rate for environmental equipment and facilities.

In the field of low-carbon management, the company has established a Low-Carbon Management Center responsible for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluation and research, as well as environmental product declaration (EPD) release work. In 2022, Shougang completed the construction of the world's first dedicated production line for new energy vehicle electrical steel, with two new energy electrons steel products launched globally. Additionally, they introduced seven new products, including high-strength automotive outer panel UF steel, and five product categories, including oriented electrical steel, which were recognized as green design products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In terms of employee management, Shougang responded to and resolved a total of 538 worker demands throughout the year in 2022, achieving a 100% response rate, resolution rate, and satisfaction rate. All employees who were subject to performance and career development assessments received regular evaluations, covering 100% of the workforce. The employee training coverage rate also reached 100%. In 2022, no significant or major production safety accidents resulted in a zero-million-hour injury rate. No cases of occupational diseases were reported, and the detection rate for occupational disease hazards reached 100%.

In terms of social responsibility, Shougang has increased its investment in research and development(R&D). In 2022, it invested  CNY 5.386 billion in research and development, accounting for 4.56% of its operating income, ranking among the top in the industry. In 2022, the company achieved domestic production and bulk supply of 16 high-end materials, with automotive stabilizer bar steel 34MnB5 as a representative example. Additionally, Shougang actively engages in social welfare activities. In 2022, Shougang launched more than 130 volunteer service projects, recruited over 3,500 volunteers, and accumulated over 100,000 hours of volunteer service.