Financials Nov 17, 2020 07:51 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On the afternoon of November 17, a rumor that "Gy was investigated" began to ferment in social media, and many opinions speculated that "Gy" might be Gao Yi's asset. In response, the official response of Gaoyi assets said that the recent rumors of "being investigated" on the Internet were not true, and the company and its fund managers were currently in normal operation and working state: "we have started to investigate the source of rumors, and reserve the right to take further legal proceedings against the relevant rumors. Rumors stop with wise men. Please don't believe rumors and spread them. " Shortly after the rumor was fermented, Feng Liu, the party who was rumored to be "investigated", forwarded an interview on his micro blog entitled "to the broad and the subtle, Gao Yi asset sun Qingrui talks in detail about the evolution process from macro to individual stocks", which is regarded as indirect refutation of rumors.