Financials Sep 13, 2021 12:19 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Qiancheng capital recently officially announced the phase II fund with a scale of 1.3 billion yuan. This fund has brought Qiancheng capital, which has been established for five years, to a new level. Not only has the fund size doubled compared with phase I, but also the LP structure has been further optimized. Nearly half of the capital contribution of the fund comes from the old LP. In the LP of phase I fund, Jin Qiyuan and Yuan hechenkun both choose to continue to double their positions. In addition, Qiancheng also introduced new institutions LP such as Guangzhou financial holding, Xiamen Jianfa, Haining semiconductor industry fund and China new group, so as to increase the institutionalization rate of phase II fund to 85%. Xiong Wei resigned as a partner of Dachen financial intelligence in 2016 and founded Qiancheng capital alone. At present, Qiancheng's phase I fund has ended its investment period and invested in 34 projects. Among them, 3 projects have been IPO issued, and 2 projects have applied for IPO on the science and innovation board. In the next two years, it is expected that more than 10 projects will successively apply for IPO. In the past portfolio, Qiancheng capital has invested in a series of high-quality projects, including haimuxing (688559), Hongwei Technology (688711), nasion micro, silinjie, Yimi technology, digital strategy software, Tiandi Hexing, Sanqing Internet and so on. Phase II fund, Qiancheng capital will continue to focus on investment in early industrial science and technology. Specifically, it covers four sub tracks: industrial software, intelligent hardware, semiconductor chips and new materials. The vertical sector focuses on discrete industries (focusing on smart cars, 3C, display and new energy) and process industries (focusing on petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, etc.).