Financials Nov 08, 2021 10:47 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On November 8, Xiansheng yecai, a new generation of industry finance integrated data management platform, obtained PwC strategic investment, and the two sides jointly signed an in-depth cooperation agreement. Xiansheng yecai said that in the future, the two sides will fully integrate resources, give full play to their respective advantages, carry out innovative cooperation in the field of yecai digitization, and explore many possibilities of business and financial integration. As official strategic partners in the field of industry finance integration, this strategic investment and cooperation aims to promote the combination of "advanced technology" and "professional strength" and inject new momentum into industry finance digitization. Cai Gengqing, partner of PWC China corporate governance, risk and compliance consulting, said: "Xiansheng yecai has built a solid foundation for our yecai products and business development, which will accelerate PwC's layout and development in the field of financial digitization. In the future, the two sides will conduct continuous and in-depth cooperation and dialogue in the fields of technology and market development. Founded in 2016, Xiansheng yecai is the first data intelligent service provider focusing on the field of business financial integration in China. Relying on the enterprise data management platform with user digital assets and algorithm model as the core, the company has successively launched a number of yecai SaaS products in the fields of "business finance", "operational finance" and "strategic finance".