Industrials Apr 16, 2021 02:15 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, zego technology, a global cloud communication service provider, released the "online KTV real-time chorus" scheme, which creatively solved the problem that the main and auxiliary singers could not synchronize the chorus in real time in the past online k-song chorus process, and expanded the chorus function of more than three people. The scheme is suitable for online KTV real-time chorus, Omo room and other scenes. The ultra-low sensory delay technology can ensure the real-time interaction between chorus players and create a chorus experience closer to offline KTV. It is understood that at present, the head karaoke platform has reached a cooperation intention with Jigou, which will innovate the platform playing method and improve the user experience through the "real-time chorus" scheme of Jigou. In addition, the "real-time chorus" scheme can also be widely used in cloud social scenes, such as "watching movies together", "playing black together" and "podcasting together". Some people in the industry commented that "the real-time chorus program has completed the online and offline copy and paste, adding more imagination space for Pan entertainment and social networking."