Automotive Apr 16, 2021 08:20 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On April 16, last year, Guangzhou International Auto Show ushered in gac-e'an, an independent brand. The brand new logo and body logo of all models were officially switched, and the logo of single model was updated more than 20 times. At present, the vehicles with brand-new logo have been mass-produced off the production line, and have arrived at the store one after another. After the renewal of aion model logo, the biggest change is that the brand name has changed from "GAC motor" to "GAC e'an", in order to declare the brand independence of e'an. Compared with the original "g" logo, the brand-new "g" logo adopts high brightness and flat design. "G" inner ring with a touch of "aion blue" tone. In the rear part of the car, it highlights the exclusive logo of "GAC e'an" brand and "aion" model family. In terms of interior decoration, take the steering wheel as an example, the logo of "g" in the center of the steering wheel is replaced by the word "aion".
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