Communication Jul 27, 2021 04:23 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The tiktok tiktok tiktok company has released the concept of "vibratory private domain" for the first time, and has been the core player of the tiktok, high efficiency and recycling. It has officially released the solution of the vibrated private domain, the vibrant enterprise number 2, which focuses on user sedimentation, flow feedback, high efficiency touch and intelligent operation, and realizes the private sector operation with fans as the core. According to tiktok's white paper 2021, the total number of tiktok enterprises has reached 8 million as of July 2021, and more and more enterprises are accelerating the entry. Tiktok 2021 tiktok company's product launch conference, the jitter enterprise announced the launch of billions of traffic support and equity upgrading and other incentive policies, and recruited 8000 service partners, through the tiktok open platform eco building, help enterprises improve the construction of the private sector, accelerate the growth of camp.