Communication Aug 31, 2021 11:39 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the voice TikTok Learning Center announced the brand upgrade plan. Tiktok, a master of learning center, is an official, professional and effective provider of knowledge services for businesses, service providers, and institutions. It is reported that the TikTok Learning Center has three centers: "rule center", "function center" and "Curriculum Center". It sets up special zones for different roles to facilitate users to acquire knowledge one by one. Meanwhile, the learning center of tiktok has established a learning feedback mechanism to develop online customer service function, and optimize the landing and search functions. The TikTok Learning Center has developed three modules, such as "remittance, transformation and precipitation", focusing on the management method of the voice business. Tiktok has built up a business growth training system combined with the characteristics of various practitioners. It has set up three training camps for elite, Tsing Ying and Yu Ying to help businesses improve their business capabilities. In addition, the learning center also invited a number of marketing industry experts, such as Cao lichai, founder of topmarketing. There are more than 80 lecturers in the jitter Learning Center, who have an average of over 5 years experience. They have rich experience in tiktok operation, e-commerce anchor, electronic business, fan operation, content marketing, and management. Up to now, 350 thousand of the daily business operators are studying in the learning center of tiktok. In the future, the TikTok Learning Center will continue to deliver the value proposition of "enabling knowledge to help manage", helping the practitioners of electronic business continuously stimulate new business momentum.