Communication Sep 26, 2021 12:28 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
2020 to 2021 is a year of rapid development of China's new retail industry. Some data show that the scale of China's online retail has maintained a rapid growth this year, and its overall volume ranks first in the world. All this is inseparable from the rapid development of the emerging industry of e-commerce talents. While the demand for e-commerce talents continues to expand, the emergence of high-quality e-commerce talents exploded in a blowout, becoming the backbone supporting the growth of China's online retail industry. September 24th tiktok master's first summit meeting for a large number of high-quality eco partners, including master, MCN and select Alliance Service Providers, was officially launched in Hangzhou on 2021. The tiktok master tiktok report is released at the summit. It will explain the diversification and scale development of the platform, the electricity supplier, the brand business and MCN institutions in detail, and will show the master's ecology of the whole business in a comprehensive way. It further confirms that the electricity master is a long-term business that is worth investing in 2021 years. Tiktok electric master has released the DREAM UP plan at this summit, which is able to provide multidimensional help to the people through UP, UP and traffic UP. Tiktok will continue to master Pratt & Whitney's early career and help each business provider's career and dream to create a prosperous ecosystem and a better business.