TGOOD was Ranked Top in the Public Charging Pile Market

Industrials Author: Yangni Liu Aug 28, 2020 12:31 PM (GMT+8)

There is a high concentration rate within the public charging infrastructure operators, as the top eight operators occupy 88.6% of the whole.

Charging a car. Image Credit:   Waldemar Brandt / Unsplash

According to China's Auto Charging Infrastructure Alliance's Data (中国电动充电基础设施促进联盟数据), there are 0.566 million public charging piles domestically, including 0.326 million AC charging piles. Regarding the distribution, Guangdong Province owns the highest number of public charging piles, reaching 68,000 units.

When it comes to the charging piles market, there is an increasing trend. From August 2019 to July 2020, the monthly increase of public charging piles amounted to 10,000. What factors help to promote this market's growth? Firstly, governmental institutes are releasing policies to complete the fiscal subsidies of new energy autos, further triggering new energy cars. Moreover, the charging issues for new energy cars have not been resolved yet. As the ratio of new energy cars to charging piles has remained three to one since 2018, implying the shortage in new energy cars' charging.

Concerning the operators, we see a high concentration rate. Eight firms had over 10,000 charging piles by the end of this July past. To be more precise, TGOOD ranked the top among these firms, with 0.163 units in this July, with 30,574 units higher than the second firm – Star Charge (星星充电).