Consumer Staples Dec 24, 2020 02:26 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 23, dewu app new force clothing brand conference was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, dewu app released four exclusive policies to support the brand growth of new forces, including low-cost entry, free support for exclusive traffic, free operation tools and data system, and fair traffic distribution mechanism. Low cost settlement means that for the new force brands that meet the needs of new force brands with young and trendy features, dewu app provides a series of preferential policies such as low-cost settlement to reduce the cost pressure of new force brands in the early stage of development. Free support of exclusive traffic means that in the cooperation with new force brands, dewu app will launch exclusive resource package, and provide resources including (but not limited to) boot screen, home page focus map, official push, product details page Zhongtong, search hot words recommendation and other resources according to the marketing rhythm of the platform. Operation tools and data system are free, which means that new force brands can understand the change trend of young users' preference for categories and the changes of hot-selling products through the free operation tools and data system provided by dewu app, and find the next opportunity point by comparing with brand orders and sales data. At the same time, it can reach the target users with exclusive operation tools. Fair traffic distribution mechanism refers to the priority of product display and recommendation of dewu app. It is sorted by the algorithm system according to the user's use behavior and commodity browsing popularity, and "thousands of people and thousands of faces" are presented to each user.