Consumer Staples Aug 16, 2021 11:15 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On August 8, an attitude blockbuster about Wang Yibo's double-sided image was released, which released a new definition of "fresh tide generation" in the question and answer room, instantly swiped the whole network, and officially opened the road of brand image upgrading of Laifen, a national snack brand, in 2021. Looking back on the relationship between Wang Yibo and Yi, in the first official announcement last May, he joined hands with the brand spokesperson to start the brand strategy of "fresh snacks" and created a series of marketing activities full of fresh vitality through the image of "fresh cool cover". In 2021, Laifen stood at a new starting point of renewing the contract with the spokesperson, no longer facing the brand infrastructure work from 0 to 1, jumping out of the spokesperson's routine "human licensing" application mode. Laifen built a newly upgraded spokesperson empowerment mode, making the spokesperson a walking brand attitude and a voice medium and influence switch for the brand to break the circle to diverse young people, Finally, it can resonate with young people. As a youth representative of generation Z, after a year of popularity, Wang Yibo continued to break people's identity imagination of traditional idols through successfully crossing multiple fields such as hip-hop dance / sports / trend / fashion / Drama / hosting. It is not defined by a single label, and it has also become the largest "label" on Wang Yibo, which is the typical attitude of young groups who do not want to be defined by labels.