Consumer Discretionary Sep 18, 2021 09:57 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In September 17, 2021, the first mock exam of the "2021 Fifth People's single in one mode" forum was first launched by the world's leading brand of eco brand authentication system, which is the joint venture of the world's leading universities, University of Oxford, and the Harvard Business Review. According to the brand certification method "ecological brand potential energy diagram" given by the certification system, Yingkang, the Internet of things medical ecological brand of Haier, is in the "competitor" area in the pilot verification, and the transformation of ecological brand is progressing rapidly. It is understood that the ecological brand certification system, as an evaluation and certification system in the brand field, evaluates the process and achievements of the brand in the transformation and construction of ecological brand, and opens the certification of ecological brand to enterprises and brands around the world, aiming to encourage more enterprises to participate in the construction of ecological brand and promote the development of social economy in a more valuable and meaningful direction. The system conducts case study and pilot verification on the ecological brand practice of Haier Group and other enterprises. Specifically, from the three measurement perspectives of coevolution, value cycle and brand ideal, the certification party outputs the final result of ecological brand certification - ecological brand potential diagram through three evaluation methods: quantitative investigation of brand audience, expert review of brand cases and review of key brand data. According to the development maturity of the brand, the ecological brand potential energy diagram is divided into "climber", "competitor" and "Navigator". With the continuous breakthrough in the construction of ecological brand, the brand can develop and progress to a higher level.