Consumer Discretionary Jul 15, 2021 02:41 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On July 13, China Internet development report (2021) was officially released. According to the report, the number of active online video users in China will exceed 1 billion in 2020. In contrast, video production is becoming the mainstream form of content production. Tiktok, mobile phone and Kwai B station have launched their own editing software to accelerate the creators' incubation. Users can upload and publish them simply after editing them. However, a few steps are enough to defeat laymen. According to Taobao education data, since June, the consumption of skills courses represented by video editing and design creation has increased by nearly 80% year on year, and editors are the main force of "Taobao skills". At the beginning of this year, the "fanban education flagship store" where Yangmei is located opened a mobile phone video editing course, which immediately grasped the entry-level demand from brushing video to making video“ At the beginning, it was mainly designed and edited by college students and white-collar workers. If they wanted to do sideline work to generate income, the course content would be more detailed and practical than the experience sharing of some bloggers. It is suitable for beginners. " After laying a good foundation, more advanced learning needs also drive the hot sale of positive price professional courses. The reporter found that the most popular course package in the store is a set of courses including video editing, picture making, audio processing, video special effects, etc., which sold thousands of sets a month“ It's true that some people have learned editing and shooting, understood operation and research live broadcast, made millions of fans, and made the sideline their main business. " Yangmei revealed.