Consumer Discretionary Nov 18, 2021 11:02 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Since 2014, "national reading" has been written into the government work report for the eighth time in a row. As a knowledge service enterprise committed to reading promotion, Fandeng reading has been established for eight years since 2013. With the mission of "helping 300 million Chinese develop reading habits", Fandeng reading brings users a variety of reading forms such as video, audio, graphics and live broadcasting, making the learning process easier, friendly and enlightening. With the development of the brand, Fandeng reading is still building new businesses, such as Fandeng reading · new parents, Fandeng reading · enterprise reading, etc. they also meet with users one by one and get extensive attention and recognition. Take the special intensive reading hall as an example: as of November 15 this year, the special intensive reading hall has been online for 8 months, the number of users has exceeded 4.52 million, and the cumulative number of learning people has exceeded 100 million. A total of 66 experts and scholars from various industries joined, including Yu Qiuyu, a cultural scholar, Feng Tang, a writer, Xu Yingjin, a philosophy professor at Fudan University, and Liu Weitao, a former deputy partner of McKinsey. At present, Fandeng reading is moving towards IP diversification and platform user diversification. Tiktok has also been able to focus more on listening, speaking, reading and new products through new media platforms such as jitter, Kwai Fu, WeChat video and so on, taking advantage of the rapid rise of new media in recent years. In the new reading scenario, online and offline, inside and outside the station can borrow strength to empower each other. In the future, Fandeng reading will continue to explore the boundary of knowledge service and contribute to "advocating universal reading and building a scholarly society".