Communication Sep 29, 2021 06:18 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Tiktok, the master of the movie, has made remarkable achievements in the "just in the Mid Autumn Festival season" activities. The star Tang art, the big man Zheng Jianpeng, the real master couple, the rainbow couple, the Hui brothers, and the famous hot blog makers such as Liu Yuanyuan and Tu Lei have reached GMV million, GMV. Among them, Liu Yuanyuan's Mid Autumn Festival broke the 100 million challenge, the whole Gmv in the live broadcasting room was 156 million, and the big wolf dog Zheng Jianpeng and Yanzhen's couple's Mid Autumn Festival gift day was over 46 million. From the overall sales trend, food, fresh food, wine tonic, home, beauty makeup and other categories are popular with consumers during the Mid Autumn Festival. Steak is the top 1 category sold in the live broadcast room of Tang Yi, big wolf dog Zheng Jianpeng and Yanzhen couple. HENGDU strictly selects steak, adopts a cow's milk, ubras bra and other popular items, with a total sales of more than 30 million in Liu Yuanyuan's live broadcast room. Moon cakes, fresh fruits, wine Hairy crab tiktok and other products are also popular among consumers of the Mid Autumn Festival.