Communication Jan 10, 2022 04:43 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
January 1, 2022 tiktok special purchases for the Spring Festival, the annual TikTok festival of the "good year of the year of the sound service providers", launched by the group of the voice service providers of electricity, combined with thousands of high-quality brands in the region, helped the new consumption together. The group was also launched by the group of the electric shock service providers in January 16th. Special purchases for the Spring Festival tiktok live broadcast base, which will serve nearly 10000 industrial and small businesses, including the first batch of new Yiwu made knitting bases in Zhejiang, fur fur clothing production and marketing Haining fur base. Wenzhou shoe base, a well-known shoe and boot brand incubator in China, and Puyuan wool base, which is crowded with small and medium-sized sweater and garment enterprises, also help many businesses in the industrial belt to improve their sales geometric multiples, so that more high-priced and good goods in the industrial belt can enter consumers, injecting new vitality into the industry development and consumption ecology.