Communication Jan 13, 2022 07:16 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, tiktok new brand growth report 2022 was officially released, which was jointly released by the jitter electric business joint huge volume engine tiktok consumer business center and the digital business research institute. The report tiktok tiktok's new brand development, shaking tiktok brand support plan, new brand competency model and typical case, etc., to carry out a comprehensive systematic analysis and summary, providing new methodological support for the new brand in the rapid growth of the voice business. In the 2022 tiktok new brand growth report, we extracted three young brands that were built after 2016, which are characterized by new features, including innovative digital channels, innovative marketing methods and new consumer demands. By disassembling the 280 brand samples, the value of the new tiktok brand and the development of the new brand are analyzed. Tiktok tiktok released the tiktok new brand growth report 2022, by analyzing the development of new brands in the voice and electricity business and the support of the new tiktok brand, providing strategic direction support and landing guide for the new brand in 2022. This will further promote the rapid development and growth of new brands in the tiktok business.