Consumer Staples Sep 22, 2021 10:07 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On September 19, Xi tea, the world's first handmade shop, was officially opened in Nantou ancient city, Shenzhen. By returning to handmade methods, it made new innovative drinks on site, allowing customers to experience the inspiration and perfection of Xi tea in a space full of inspiration and art. The handmade store product is different from the products on sale in other stores of Xi tea. It is inspired by the popular products of Xi tea, with a total of more than 50 models, which are only presented and sold in this store. In order to better show the "hand-made" process, in the hand-made shop in Nantou ancient city, Shenzhen, which is divided into three floors, the production and display of hand fried ice, hand-made tea and hand-made tea series products are planned on each floor. In pursuit of perfection, Xi tea has created the largest real hand-made tea store in the industry. Since the start-up and innovation of the tea industry, handicraft has always been a necessary process for the operation of Xi tea stores. Whether it is the freshly extracted original leaf tea base, hand made cheese, or the manual peeling and seed removal of grapes and other fruits, it is the persistence and pursuit of tea for taste. The opening of this handmade shop is not only a comprehensive presentation of the high-quality tea products handmade by Xi tea in the store all the time, but also a concentrated embodiment of the brand spirit of pursuing inspiration and perfection behind the handmade tea. Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store is not only the first handmade shop of Xi tea in the world, but also the largest real handmade shop in the new tea industry. The store is divided into three floors and different product forms are planned respectively. All products are inspired by the popular products of happy tea. A total of more than 50 new hand-made products are presented in a new form and are only sold in the store.