Consumer Staples Oct 18, 2021 12:17 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
As the 41st World Food Day approaches, the issue of food security has once again attracted the attention of the whole people. Recently, five United Nations agencies such as FAO and IFAD officially released the report on world food security and nutrition in 2021. The report pointed out that an estimated 720 million to 811 million people in the world will face hunger in 2020. To this end, China has issued documents for many times, emphasizing the need to take comprehensive measures to reduce food loss and waste in all links. Now saving food has become a national consensus. Half dishes and small dishes have gradually become the "protagonists". At the same time, as a leading catering chain enterprise, the order rate of half dishes in Haidilao stores exceeds 70%, and that in some stores reaches 90%; At the same time, efforts have been made from the back kitchen end to introduce clean dishes, central kitchen direct distribution and visual management. By the end of September 2021, the central kitchen direct distribution project has covered more than 80 stores; The warehouse visual management has built more than 20 model stores to reduce food waste and improve warehouse turnover efficiency while enhancing food safety. It is worth noting that this year, Rural Revitalization has become the theme of China's food security publicity week this year, and the agricultural procurement of chain food enterprises such as Haidilao is also an important part of helping rural revitalization; Taking Haidilao as an example, in the first half of this year, the total procurement of fruits, vegetables and meat alone exceeded 2.8 billion yuan, covering 29 provinces and cities such as Xinjiang, Guizhou and Yunnan.