Consumer Staples Nov 29, 2021 06:07 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, a lawsuit against Haidilao attracted attention. A restaurant called itself "Haidilao" in the cooking industry. Haidilao was sued by Beijing Dongcheng District People's court for infringing the exclusive right to use trademarks and unfair competition. According to the official account of haibai, the small cattle initiative used the logo of the "bathing fish in the frying fields" in the numerous decorations such as shop posters, menus and block cards, as well as the official WeChat public numbers and the online media publicity activities. It also infringed the trademark exclusive rights through the way of color, branch and other typesetting. According to the Beijing News, Haidilao said that since May 2020, the company has communicated with Xiaoniu through official letters and lawyer letters, hoping to stop the infringement, but it has not been solved. From the perspective of enterprise development, although the attachment of similar brands skillfully uses the mature brand image to help them gain market attention in the short term, in the final analysis, it is suspected of illegal acts, which destroys the fair business environment and will have an adverse impact on the whole industry and consumers.